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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Trainspotting fail.

Choose life, choose a job, choose a... no, wait, not that sort, though I have to wonder if someone was on drugs when they chose the picture for a short news article on two trains that collided north of Melbourne earlier this evening.

If that 'train' looks like it's on a road that'll be because it is on a road and it's actually a tram. I'm guessing someone pointed this out since the picture has now changed to one that looks like it's probably taken at the scene, or possibly it was just filler because they hadn't yet written up the whole thing (it's now about twice as long as that brief four para job). But seriously, why put up a photo of a fucking tram in place of a train when nearly everyone living in Melbourne will know the difference? Was a picture of an actual train that hard to find?

And does it need a picture at all? I know what a fucking train looks like anyway.



Chuckles said...

1. These are Australians you're talking about.

2. Nuance? These are Australians you're talking about.

3. Pictures? These are Australians you're talking about.

4. See point 1.

Angry Exile said...

Before I moved here I'd have expected something along the lines of:
Crikey. Dija see 'em trains. Take a whileta polish 'at out, eh? Bloody oath.

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