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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Blogosphere power at work?

This morning I noticed that this year old story in The Australian on the 'soft totalitarianism' of modern Britain, which has had a permanent link on my sidebar for ages, is suddenly the 8th most read article. How come, wonders I. Could it be that the news of Gordon Brown's 'bigot' gaff and the talk of the TV debates has generated a renewed interest in what's going on in the old country among British expats and Aussies of British descent? That was certainly my first thought, but then I over at Leg-iron's blog I noticed that his blogging on the Australian federal government's plan to de-brand tobacco packaging had attracted this comment.
It's a shame there aren't more writers like this bloke in both countries: Thought police muscle up in Britain
Since it made the most read list during the night while most here would have been asleep I'm now wondering if Leg-iron, his smoky drinky blog and readership, and an anonymous commenter gave it a boost, especially as two hours later it's no longer on the list. I'll never know but I hope so, because I still feel that it's an article everyone in Britain should read before they put an X on a bit of paper this coming Thursday. There might well be nobody on most people's ballot papers who wants to do something about it but that's not going to change unless many moree become aware of the creeping influence of the real life Thought Police and are prepared to shout:



Rob F said...

I've been reading your blog daily for the last six months or so (or maybe longer!), but Leggy, Obo and co for a couple of years now.

As a result they come before you in my bookmarks list, so I'm one of those people who read that article after clicking on the link in the comments; I could have read it a lot sooner though, if I'd been paying more attention!

D'OH! Probably too many non-governmental approved excess alcohol units, or something.

I'd love to start an Ebay shop selling customised ciggy packs; they could display the name 'Fuck You' or 'I Smoke - So What?' and carry a warning about the loss of our liberties and the dangers of politicians, rather than the usual ones about smokers being sterile, impotent, yellow-fingered Poisoners of The Cheeeldrenn.

Do you think that they'd catch on? I could do with a lot of Pounds Sterling so that I can get out of this dump, although I'd probably be converting them to gold and silver soon afterwards...

Angry Exile said...

No worries, Rob. Perhaps I should move it up the sidebar. It used to be further up but as it sits below the blogroll, which has expanded quite a bit since I first put that link up, it's gradually moved further and further down.

Interesting idea about the fag packets. Might catch on but as I said I always bought cigarettes that I liked to smoke rather than because the pack was a certain colour. Case in point, I used to smoke Silk Cut - yes, I know there will be people who say that's not actually smoking :-) - but they don't do Silk Cut in Oz. So before I ran out of what I'd brought with me I tried various brands of low tar cigs either by buying likely looking ones or poncing off of other smokers. Before long I'd settled on a lightweight version of Benson & Hedges that wasn't too far off and stuck with that till I quit. If I was still smoking or in the unlikely event that I start again I'll go back to what I know. It's the contents that are the important bit.

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