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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Clegg's wife's bosses' law firm says hung parliament bad.

From The Tele:
The law firm where Nick Clegg’s wife works has issued a warning about the dangers of a hung parliament.


Paul Stone, a partner and public law expert at the firm, said: "A hallmark feature of a coalition government is the sheer time it can take to achieve consensus. From a legal point of view, this often results in laws being passed that are of high quality and well scrutinised, but unfortunately, are often watered down to the point of being anodyne as a result of endless rounds of review and compromise."
The Angry Exile's wife's dog's owner's husband says this doesn't sound like a bad thing.
“The main risk to UK legislation is from the perverse results which can arise when the extreme agendas of minority fringe, or single issue parties, actually gain a disproportionate ability to influence policy in return for keeping a minority government in power. In such a situation the silent majority may well find itself being forced to bend to the will of the hard line minority; such situations can result not only in ‘bad’ laws but laws which are clearly outside the scope of what the broad majority of a voting population would be prepared to support.”
Wait, what? A moment ago you said they'd be high quality and well scrutinised.
However he added that Italy’s “weak coalition governments” helped the economy in the 1970s, as the political “vacuum” allowed businesses to flourish without state interference.
"Flourish without state interference"... music to my ears. Sounds more and more like Britain could do with a hung parliament just so people can see what life could be like without a government that can do pretty much what it likes just by bossing a few hundred mouth breathers through the division lobbies.
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