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Sunday, 9 May 2010

What do we call this one? Rant-gate?

Screw it, I'm going to get the 'gate' thing in early, but I do feel slightly ashamed of myself for it. However, on topic, The Tele suggest that the Prime Mentalist went mental down the phone at Nick Clegg for daring to suggest that maybe his time in No 10 was up.
It was claimed Mr Brown's approach was to begin "a diatribe" and "a rant" and the source said the Labour leader was "threatening in his approach to Nick Clegg".
Mr Clegg was said to have came off the phone assured that it would be impossible to work with Brown because of his attitude towards working with other people.
He needed to phone the guy to find that out? I'd have thought the monthly invoice from the Carphone Warehouse would have done.
Number 10 have denied the report of Brown's aggression, describing the chat as "constructive".
In an official statement the Lib Dems denied there had been a row, insisting: "Any suggestion that it was in any way angry or hostile would be wrong. It was perfectly amicable and both men just set out what they said in their public statements."
Which might even be true, but Brown being Brown the picture of him jumping up and down and spraying invective down the phone just seems so... well, plausible. It's a shame the Downfall makers have got all shitty about the parodies on YouTube because even though they were done to death (Hitler and fucking game consoles, I ask you) the scene could never be more appropriate than right now. In the bunker, hanging on by his fingertips. If Colostomy Brown owned an Alsatian it might even be worrying.

Still, doesn't sound like the Tories and LibDims are ready to form a coalition just yet, even if Cameramong and Cleggy are getting on fairly well. Gordon gets to play with his train set a little while longer before we know what's going to happen. Anyone want to bet on the date for the next election? October maybe?

1 comment:

microdave said...

The mind boggles at what McSnot said after he put the phone down!

There's never a hidden microphone about when you want one...

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