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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

British National Party - every bit as bad.

I've blogged before on what I think of the BNP but via UKNewsNetwork I've seen something that at first glance seems reasonable.
A newspaper advertisement for a “climate change manager” for Nottingham City Council has once again illustrated just how dearly this fad costs the hard-pressed British taxpayer.

Exactly why Nottingham City Council regards the acquisition of a “climate change manager” as a must — and a very expensive must at that — when all the evidence shows that climate change has been occurring for as long as planet earth has been in existence, is not explained.


A British National Party administration would no more be seeking to employ a “climate change manager” than an alchemist with a remit to turn base metal into gold.
I don't really like the messengers or think much of the majority of their policies but I can't disagree with that particular message. They're quite right to criticise the waste of money and to point out the absurdity of hiring a council hiring someone to manage climate change as if 5 petatonnes of air and 1.4 exatonnes of water and the interactions between both them and the fuckknowshowmanytonnes of fusing hydrogen that our rock orbits has any chance of being managed by mankind, much less one person on 40 grand a year before tax. Unfortunately the BNP then go and spoil it all.
Instead, a BNP administration would spend council taxpayers’ money on real services that benefit the whole community — with the funding of a mental health manager’s post being a distinct possibility.
See? It doesn't occur to them not to take the fucking money at all and leave it in the pockets of the local people who earned it. It doesn't occur to them that the people themselves are going to be in the best position to decide how to spend the money on fulfilling what they want. Oh no, it's going to be taken away by force and used to benefit the whole community, just like any good socialist would want.

Far right, my aching ring piece. As has been pointed out both here and elsewhere before, they're just the old left with a particular tendency to get their cocks in a knot about foreigners and migrants.


Sue said...

Considering the oil spillage in the Gulf of Mexico and the "carbon footprint" our politicians must have clocked up during the election, seems ridiculous that they still expect people to keep slop buckets.

We know its all about enforcing insane laws on ordinary people. These laws are made to keep us in our places!

Anonymous said...

Norwich City Council have done far better than Nottingham - they've set up their own climate change commission!

Why not download the PDF consultation document and take a guess how much taxpayers money they are wasting!

Labour tossers...

Anonymous said...

The twats can't even produce a sensible URL....

Try this instead:

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