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Friday, 7 May 2010

Wait, what? - UPDATE

I've just seen something astonishing in the comments at Captain Ranty's. Hazel Blears got re-elected. Hazel Blears. Hazel bloody Blears!

Yes, this one,  there, in the middle.

Hazel fucking house flipping ranga Blears. There are 16,655 people in Salford - and they know who they are - who've allowed this self-interested nest-feathering hypocrite not only to get away with milking the taxpayers' tits for her benefit but to get the chance to suck away for another few years.

Give yourselves a good pat on the back twat round the head.

UPDATE - and the same goes for the 22,860 witless pricks in Buckingham, without whose help John Bercow would now be seeking gainful employment rather than remaining head conductor on the fucking gravy train.

You should be so fucking proud of yourselves.

UPDATE 2 - And Kerry McHalfwit. For fuck's fucking sake!


The Boggart said...

This is unbeleivable, Even the scrotes were spitting at her in the
Something fishy has gone on here with Blears Will we ever find out
if it was the postals that swung it?

BTS said...

"When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightning, or in rain..?"

JuliaM said...

I think it's a case of turkeys not voting for Christmas. Little do they know, Christmas is coming anyway...

selsey.steve said...

I simply cannot believe that there are so many congenital idiots walking free on the streets of this country. Who else would vote for this the shower of shite called Nu-Liebour?
Over 8 MILLION deluded, demented souls voted for a bunch of self-serving, thieving hypocrites.
Bastards (the voters, not the OTHER bastards).

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