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Monday, 10 May 2010

Bend over and grip your ankles!

Here comes your Darling.



Dick Puddlecote said...

So the scorched earth policy continues after electoral defeat? For chrissakes, Clegg, do a bloody deal and get these dangerous baboons out!

Angry Exile said...

Fuckit. The baboons could be around a bit longer.

ralph said...

It is time for a new Conservative movement in Britain. As we have seen in Australian Politics a new Grass roots party ( Pauline Hanson) is met with leftist hysteria and a united media which destroys a legitimate voice. The Tories need a new leader, rather in the mold of Tony Abbott, who will give the voters a real choice, not a kind of Malcolm Turnbull who caters to the left by being more left than the lefties.
The obvious first step to me is that public servants and any recipient of Welfare, be it the dole, old age pension or sickness benefit must surrender the privilege of having the right to Vote until such time as they are no longer a beneficiary of the public dollar
This does not mean they would have benefits reduced. They would still get benefits but they would not get the vote until such time as they became contributors rather than takers.
People on the Public payroll have a vested interest in voting for the party which does their careers the most good.
The Torie party needs someone who will make a clean break from this failed policy.
Give them a choice before the people on Tax payers money become the majority. In time the Welfare State will shrink to a reasonable level.
It needs guts to avoid a British or for that matter, an Australian Greece.

Angry Exile said...

Tony Abbott is an illiberal fuckwit leading a party of mainly illiberal fuckwits who don't even have the sense to realise how they're raping the English language by calling themselves Liberals. With a gun to my head - and assuming I didn't just take the fucking bullet and done with it - I'd seriously think about voting for another three years of Kevin Rudd than Tony Abbott. The Tories stand an outside chance of getting my vote one day, but not if they chose leaders like him. Oh, and Pauline Hanson is a fucking idiot too.

Good luck selling your idea for electoral reform. Personally I'm nor more keen on it than I am for an Abbott-like Tory leader. Take the pensioners, for example. It's not their fault that the state pension is automatic but you're saying that the second people reach retirement age they're disenfranchised. Why not just reinstate property qualifications and done with it? Why not even move voting rights back a century or so and rid the electorate of a lot of Labour voting fucktoons? Nope, the franchise should remain universal, and yes, even for public sector workers. Abolishing benefits (and taxes at the same time) and shrinking the size of the public sector, now that would get my attention.

Anonymous said...

I see who I am dealing with. Fuck you too, simpleton.

a real shithead, now I can drop the act.
Nuke Mecca. Lets go! HIPPY.
Universal suffrage indeed.
one man lynch mob.Pommy git, fuck off back to the UK. Trotskyite. I see you come from the Left not the Right.

Anonymous said...

On second thoughts I get it now , you are Ben Elton, I recognize the style. fuck up the UK then come out here to Fuck us up.

Angry Exile said...

Have you even read what I've said about Lefties? Have you seen the abuse I've written about Labour? And Labor too? This post is having a go (not for the first time) at a leftwing Chancellor fucking an entire county in its arse. Most of this blog has been about ripping into the left for being the authoritarian cuntbaskets that they are as well as being economically illiterate, or at the very best naive. When I rip into the right the right it's for being paternalist cuntbaskets who are really no more freedom and liberty loving than the despicable cunts on the other side.

You see I come from the left, do you? Well done for looking at the sidebar where my poltics is there for everyone to see. I come from neither the left nor the right, and before you ask no, I'm not one of the centrist softcocks either. Left, right and centre are different economically, and on that scale I'm certainly on the right. But on authoritarian/liberty scales they're much the same. A plague on them all.

And hippy? Have you read what I've said about the eco-tools? And another reason why I despise the left and right fairly equally is the way they've both fucking signed up to tax us all dry and spunk away the money on futile plans to solve problems that don't exist.

Trotskyite? In case what I've already said hasn't made it clear, another hateful, despicable, authoritarian cunt. I wouldn't be even slightly upset if you told me the ice pick went in the fucker's balls first.

And nuke Mecca? Really? With what? And launched from what? I still haven't met an Aussie who won't run into the fucking distance when I tell 'em the place needs to wise up and go nuclear - power and weapons since I'm a fan of both - then it might be an option. Until then the ADF can't nuke square root of fuck all.

I haven't read anything that Ben Elton wrote but I remember him in the 80s. Lips clamped right around the Labour dong as I recall. Somehow I doubt that he'd have the same style.

ralph said...

Like Ben Elton. you can't take or recognize a joke. HIPPY.Drop dead.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, you are a mad
liberal, which is the same thing. Humourless fool. You made me swear and that is a failure in language, bad language in fact.
bored now.

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