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Thursday, 6 May 2010


The Tele have a range of five possible outcomes for iDave and the Tories ranging from a clear, though probably small majority, through minority government and perhaps an early election, too few seats forcing a coalition with the LibDems, so few seats that Labour can attempt to form a government, and even fewer seats than Labour. Personally I prefer the scenario suggested by Counting Cats, a variant of the Tele's number four.
The Tories lose. Blood on the carpet tomorrow, a Tory leader elected in place of Cameron, and the Saul Alinsky Big Society crap stuffed into the shredder.

A LibLab government of all the talents with the most slender of majorities, civil war within Labour, a large UKIP vote rubbing the Tory noses in the support they could have had, and a new election within a year or two.


Ed Balls/Hattie Harperson being leader and Peter Mandelson as the eminent grease in this setup, so much the better. Can’t think of anything more likely to guarantee they are hated.
Yep, I get the appeal, I really do. Certainly Balls or Harperson as PM would be horrific, perhaps even worse than Brown in some ways, but why elect an unTory Tory instead? Cats' scenario would lead to both the Tory party and Labour ripping themselves apart, though in the short term it would mean yet more pain for the UK. But sadly I think there's no way the UK can avoid more pain no matter what the outcome of this election.

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JuliaM said...

"Personally I prefer the scenario suggested by Counting Cats..."

Me too. In facr, I'd pay good money to see that happen!

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