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Friday, 7 May 2010

Interesting way of putting it.

Janet Daley in The Telegraph:
So a rejected government is going to try to cut a deal with the least successful party – which managed to maintain its lack of popularity even after being given the most staggering advantage of parity in media exposure. Can this be anything but morally unacceptable even if it technically legal?
The whole legitimacy of a LibLab arrangement in the event of Labour losing was based on the expectation that the LibDems would have proved themselves to be worthy power brokers: to have propelled themselves into the big time by winning a hugely increased proportion of the vote and a large swath of new seats. Neither of those things happened.
I find quite a great deal of it morally unacceptable, so as far as I'm concerned nothing's new there. But yes it is outrageous and it damn well should get people talking (though I'm still hoping for a large amount of self destruction from the Tories and Labour at least). If that proves to be the wake up call the place needs then great.
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