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Friday, 14 May 2010

New tag for the gestalt Prime Monster.

Following on from yesterday's ideas along the lines of Davick Camregg I was thinking maybe either "The Cleggeron" or "The Cameregg" depending on who's most relevant. Cleggeron sounds like a Doctor Who monster whose body consists entirely of winnets, which seems a gratifyingly revolting tag but seems to be more about Nick Clegg. Trouble is a cameregg sounds like something laid by a Nikon that will hatch out into a small, black, three-legged creature with one giant eye which goes around upsetting policemen.

More thought needed.


Freewoman of England said...

The Gayboys?

Angry Exile said...

Sorry, just noticed this comment. There is something of a political bromance about it, isn't there?

Angry Exile said...

I think I'm going with 'The Twins', 'The Elder Twin' and 'The Younger Twin' as appropriate. Except when they're being especially stupid, authoritarian or hateful, in which case I'll just settle for verbal abuse like always.

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