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Sunday, 2 May 2010

More Brown contempt for voters.

Via Guido.

He just doesn't give a tinker's fuck about ordinary people, does he? Not that that should surprise anybody by now (apart from people like the sycophantic drones sent along to cheer him, of course).

UPDATE: full story here.
Speaking to journalists afterwards, Mr Borthwick said he was not a member of any opposition party.
But the 38-year-old said he felt the Labour campaign was orchestrated and Mr Brown only spoke to party activists and did not get to talk to real people.
Sky's Michelle Clifford said: "We asked him 'What right do you feel you have to disrupt all of those other people who clearly have come to hear the PM?
"He said 'they haven't come here to hear the Prime Minister. It's the PM making them come to listen to him because they are all Labour supporters.'"
As he was walked to the edge of the centre's car park by a police officer, Mr Borthwick said: "This is what happens if you bump into the Prime Minister, you get walked off the premises."
Sky's Peter Spencer said of the incident: "I would put it down to something of a missed opportunity for the Prime Minister. It was obvious that the room was completely packed with Labour activists.
"It would have been a glorious opportunity for him to have said, when the security guards were trying to push the bloke out, to say 'no, no. no. Let's hear him speak'.
"And let him say his piece, answer him and thus prove the bloke wrong on the spot. But he didn't. He simply said: 'Well I'm talking now you can ask your questions later.'"
What? And risk accidentally calling him names out loud?


Malthebof said...

A previous generation of politicians could handle hecklers. I saw Harold McMillan speak, Harold Wilson, & Jim Callaghan, all were excellent speakers (I did not agree with them) they were a joy to here and enjoyed the interaction with hecklers, just like a good club comic.
Modern professional politicians have isolated themselves from the public and cannot cope with anyone who disagrees with them. I await with anticipation the British Ceausceau moment.

Angry Exile said...

Do you mean putting them up against a wall with a cigarette each, or just voting them out?

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