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Friday, 14 May 2010

Polaris Missing.

Another blogger hanging up the keyboard? I thought Mummylonglegs and Polaris had both vanished, though it turned out Mummy was simply the proud owner of a shithouse computer. But Polaris? Anything in her being a Scottish blogger? I'm vaguely aware that there were rumours of nasty emails, possible outings and other unpleasantness in that corner of the blogosphere a while back but I've no idea how true that really was. Still, as when Shibby dropped out of sight (with good reason that was perfectly clear had I not overlooked it in my RSS reader) I do wonder. If you read this, Polaris, I hope everything's okay. In the meantime, with no posts for a couple of months now, I'm going to take Wholly Rude off the blogroll.


Anonymous said...

her page isn't working either... yes I hope she's ok too. I've also noticed the disappearance of Ministry Of Truth.

Angry Exile said...

Yeah, the absence of the whole blog makes me wonder. Hadn't noticed Ministry of Truth as well, but I've only got it bookmarked not blogrolled and I don't look in there that often. Hope it's just blogging fatigue.

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