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Friday, 22 May 2009

Your tax pounds at work.

Do you know, for the amount of money the UK taxpayer is paying this family each year the Aussies could have paid for two years weight loss classes for some civil servants. It's not like they didn't give you fair warning either. It may be harsh but at some point a line has to be drawn beyond which babies aren't the taxpayers' problem, and frankly that might as well be before the first child is conceived. I know that makes me sound like a bastard but look, babies that come with benefits are frequently being seen as benefits that come with this shrieking nuisance that consumes food, produces shit and demands attention at the expense of the parents' social lives. This couple sound like that actually do want the babies rather than the benefits but Christ, I've known plenty of people who couldn't really afford a child (or another child in the cases of some) so they simply avoided pregnancy instead of assuming everyone else will pay for them.

A child is a privilege, not a right.
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