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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Surprised it took as long as it did.

It was weeks ago that I was eating virtual popcorn while reading the shitstorm generated by Guido and the McBride-Draper emails, and since McBride went fairly quickly and publicly I expected Draper to follow fairly sharpish. Still, I suppose with there being a bit more distance between Gordon Clown and a mere lefty blogger... But that begs a question. If Labourlustlist is a private site, erm I mean "independent grassroots e-network" that has nothing to do with the Ingsoc the Labour Party or No 10 then why isn't Draper saying something along the lines of "look, it's my site okay, so bugger off and leave me to it"? I was under the impression Draper started the thing. So either he's being all Captain Oates about it or there was behind the scenes pressure that forced him out. Okay, or maybe a touch of both. Point is, it makes me wonder how independent it really is. Personally I've not been blogging long enough to know, but other bloggers with far more experience seem to feel that his strings lead at least indirectly towards Downing St.

And is it me or does Draper look a bit like Harry "I Saw You Coming" Enfield in some of those book launch photos? Similar sense of smugness?

H/T to Obnoxio.
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