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Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Great Dictator.

No, nothing to do with Chaplin, but the comment of the decade from the boys and girls in blue about Jacqboot.
Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, was criticised by members of the Police Federation of England and Wales. She was forced to defend expenses and allowances for all public servants, saying they were necessary for them to work effectively.
Steve Morley, of the Metropolitan Police, questioned why police allowances, from dry cleaning to extra cash for working on rest days, had been dropped.
He said: “Can you explain for the benefit of my members, your electorate, why all our expenses and allowances have been taken away?” Mr Morley added that some claims by MPs would be “jaw-dropping in a Third-World dictatorship let alone in the country of hope and glory”.
True, though perhaps we should draw a discreet veil over the usual role of the police force in sustaining such dictators, the recent behaviour of some police officers (H/T Obo) and the fact that you all work for the bitch. Still, though there's precious little hope and next to no glory perhaps there's a sign that the dictatorship's troops are getting restless and won't offer all the support the dictatorship would wish.
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