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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Stephen Fry - "you've fiddled your expenses too."

Watch this clip of Stephen Fry (linked because the bastarding BBC won't allow embedding even though they put the fucking clip on YouTube as well - the pricks) excusing the corruption of Westminster because everybody does it and so it's not very important in the big scheme of things.

He may be right that journos are also a "venal and disgusting crowd of people when it comes to expenses" but for a bloke supposedly so intelligent and knowledgeable he's sounding awfully like a retarded twat here. First off, and I suppose you need to be a special kind of luvvie bell end with the peculiar blindness they so often have to the faults and hypocrisy of the left, there's a huge fucking difference between journos cheating on their expenses because they and their employers aren't forcing the whole fucking country to pay for them*. And at least one journo says that Fry is wrong about that anyway. Secondly I personally do not fiddle my expenses, even though "the system" I have to deal with would make it rather easy to tell a large number of small lies on the tax return with a reasonable expectation of getting away with it. But even if I did I wouldn't say it's the tax office's fault that for letting me get away with it, not least because I know they wouldn't give a flying fuck about a good excuse so a pathetic one like that certainly won't help me. Perhaps Fry is right that most people do do this sort of thing and I'm in a minority, but I think the proportion of liars and cheats is much greater in politics and of course there's that crucial difference - politicians make the rest of us pay at the point of a metaphorical gun. If Fry can't understand that then he's not remotely as bright as he's made out to be.

*BBC excepted, though to be fair the Beeb must make a few bob commercially from other networks across the world which is more than can be said for government, and really you don't have to pay the TV licence if you can live without a telly. To be honest if there must be state owned TV then the licence fee is arguably a better system than just chucking taxpayers' money at it like we do here with the ABC and SBS.


PlusMan said...

That would be the same arsehole Stephen Fry who is a patron of a mismanaged and contemptible 'charity' in Manchester, England...

...great blog - I'm trying to get out of the dreadful PC-obsessed UK too!

Angry Exile said...

Oooo, which mismanaged and contemptible 'charity'? One you're blogging about by any chance? Do tell ;-)

PC is everywhere I'm afraid, and that includes Australia. For example, it's considered un-PC to describe politicians as unspeakable cunts, so Aussies have to refer to them simply as 'pricks'.

Good luck if you're emigrating. It can be a draining and stressful process

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