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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Nice try Hazel...

... but not remotely good enough. Displaying some contrition might have helped but instead instead you sat there, smug as fuck, still going on about how what you did was within the rules, how the system is to blame, how it's all someone else's fault and how the money you're paying back isn't really being paid back at all but is just the equivalent of the tax you'd have paid if you'd been liable, which you weren't.

Oh Hazel. Do you really think that lets you off, you sickening bitch? Oh nononononono. No. Not when you still seem congenitally incapable of understanding the difference between right and wrong, the difference between claiming back necessary expenses and putting on everything you can get away with. Not when anyone else who takes money they're not entitled to can't just side step justice simply by handing it back. Not when you're still protesting your innocence, blaming anything and anyone you can think of and refusing to take any fucking responsibility for your own behaviour. And not when you can so easily come up with £13 grand that most of your constituents sure as hell wouldn't be able to find in a hurry, which according to you is unnecessary anyway even though you apparently lack the courage of your convictions (and how I hope you get a couple more convictions from all this) and won't stand by your actions. Even by the low standards of politics you're a fucking poor excuse for a human being.

H/T Old Holborn.
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