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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Popcorn VII

And now we come to the unLiberal Democrats.
A number of senior figures in the party have volunteered to refund the taxpayer after being challenged over claims which they now admit were unacceptable.
Polls suggest the Liberal Democrats have so far benefited from the embarrassment of the Tories and Labour over the expenses scandal but the new disclosures will dispel any myth that the party does not need to address the issue.
Well surprise surfuckingprise. Did anyone seriously think that there'd be no troughers there?
In one case, a front bencher spent thousands of pounds on furniture, including a rocking chair and sofa-bed, over the course of a few days in the run up to the deadline for submitting her expenses.
Like MPs from all parties, Liberal Democrats have used their expenses to carry out lavish decorating work and refurbishment of their second homes, often putting the stamp duty and legal costs associated with buying their houses on their expenses.
Expenses claims submitted by 12 Liberal Democrats, from senior spokesmen to a number of back benchers, will be disclosed, with some of those involved having already volunteered to pay back some of the money.
Oh well, they've already "volunteered" to pay it all some of it back. Whoop-de-do. I don't suppose this "voluntary" act had anything to do with having the most time to think about while the other two parties have been under the microscope. Or perhaps that it seems to be working for Dave, though fuck knows why since, as Guido says, stealing and then giving it back doesn't usually cut much ice because the original theft isn't actually undone - burglars don't become innocent by giving the TV back. If the LibDems wanted to impress anyone with their honesty and keep up the pretence that they're not like the other two then they'd have fucking brought all this to light themselves ages ago. Instead we find that they're up to the same kind of tricks.

I know it's been said millions of times probably before I was even born, but they really are all the fucking same. I'd hope that enough people in Britain feel the same way to give all three main parties an lubricant free arse fucking in the elections next month, though I'm trying to work out where the disgusted LibDem voters are supposed to go. The Labour mob have the BNP, the Tory supporters have UKIP (who are the ones I'd vote for even though I'm not a Tory and don't agree with all that UKIP says)..... but there doesn't seem to be such a thing as a small, pro-EU, soft left/centrist party of eco-wibblers, probably because to some extent the whole LibLabCon monster is riddled with pro-Eu soft left/centrist eco-wibblers. So what's Plan B for the angry LibDem supporter? In the absence of an obvious alternative party to give a protest vote the only option for the angry LibDem voter seems to be to stay at home on polling day, so I'm going to guess that the LibDems will be least damaged by this. However, that's a long fucking way from coming up smelling of roses.
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