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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Tax evasion.

I think that's what you call it when you put non-deductible expenses down as deductibles. Actually it's what most people have been calling the avoidance of Capital Gains Tax by playing musical designations with second homes sorry, I mean main homes of course. Annoyingly that turned out to be kind of legit, though since it's something that nobody in the UK outside of the Palace of Bastarding Westminster would be allowed to do it's pretty offensive to the public. But then we find that some of the shites have even gone so far as to use accountants for their personal tax returns and put the cost of doing so down as a deductible. Now ignoring the point that we might think that someone who can't do their own tax return indicates either that the tax system is way too complicated or that they're not a good choice for Chancellor of the Exchequer or both, on top of that not only are they are not allowed to fucking do that anyway but it seems the bastards were told this years ago, but evidently decided to do it anyway.

Fuck's sake! Can any of these shits honestly (ha!) say they don't deserve to be kicked out on their arses right away? And they wonder why there's demand for an election.
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