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Friday, 15 May 2009

There's your problem right there.

Some Scunthorpe residents are having a Damascene conversion thanks to Elliot Morley.
Beryl Lound, 74, a former airfrcraft industry worker, joined a growing local chorus of disgust over the Scunthorpe MP’s claims for his non-existent mortgage.
“I would have rather ripped my arm off than vote other than Labour, but I think I’ll vote for a dog on the street corner," he
[sic] said.
Well Beryl, do you think that perhaps part of the reason the UK has the type of people for MPs that it does is because you and millions of others would dismember yourselves rather than vote for the same Lib/Lab/Con wankers that you've always voted for? I believe you when you say you'd vote for a dog on the corner next time, but the thing is you'd have voted for the same fucking dog last time, and the time before and the time before that, even if it had been dead for a week providing someone had brushed the flies and maggots off for the photo and nailed a red rosette to it. And of course the Tories and LibDems have plenty of reliable voters who they can round up, or in some cases dig up, to stick in a polling booth where they'll reliably, unhesitatingly and unthinkingly put an X next to the name of the appropriate candidate. Doesn't matter what the name is and many will know next to fuck all about the candidate anyway, but s/he's the Tory/LibDem/Labour and that's all that matters. Hitler with a red rosette could win a seat in some solid Labour areas or the LibDem south-west (well, the cunt was a socialist after all) and Chairman Mao could do the same in many Tory seats round the Home Counties. Tribal voters create safe seats, and safe seats discourage independently thinking Parliamentarians (even if they're nominally in one of the parties) and instead encourage cronyism and the parachuting of placemen into the Commons. Do you think such people are really going to have the best interests of either the taxpayer or their constituents at heart, Beryl? Some, yes, but precious few. The solution is obvious: 646 marginal seats.
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