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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Tricky decision.

Hmmm. Who to vote for next month? Dan Hannan has a lot going for him, not least that speech, so a Tory vote perhaps? But the other day I saw that UKIP are putting up a very worthy candidate.
On the subject of the EU and fraud, South East candidate for the UK Independence Party, Marta Andreasen, will be appearing on Question Time on the 21st May. You might remember her, she used to be the chief accountant of the EU who was fired by Neil Kinnock et al for doing her job. Former chief accountant and now she's standing for UKIP.
Nice, and if the thought of someone fired by the EU for exposing what a bunch of corrupt money wasting twats they are taking up a seat in the European Parliament isn't worth a vote I don't know what is. More to the point, as the Devil said last year, if the Tories are to get the message about the EU they need to hear an unequivocal message before then, and losing a large amount of their vote to UKIP would be just the thing. As I said at the time (here and here) I think there are solid reasons, for me at least, for not supporting UKIP in a general election, but the Tories are likely to form a new British government in a year or so and they are merely the least pro-EU. They need to be told in no uncertain terms what the British people think of the corrupt monstrosity on the other side of the Channel.

And Dan Hannan? What the hell is he doing in the Tory party anyway?

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