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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Incredibly, some consequences at last.

Two of the IngSoc NuLabour cash-for-amendments peers that were exposed by The Times are being suspended, and Andrew MacKay, one time MP of a certain angry ex-with-diminishing-amounts-of-pat, has fallen on his sword because of the ongoing expenses scandal. Well, I say he's fallen on his sword but more of a cheap plastic knife with a spring loaded blade from a joke shop really. As Obo points out, he's only resigned from being Cameron's advisor, so more of a symbollocks gesture to make the Tories look a bit less grubby and Cameron look tough on piss takers. That said the pair of them look like Joan of Arc and the Terminator compared to the troughing cunts on the other side of the house, still blaming the system and the fees office last I looked, and completely unable to distinguish between being reimbursed for reasonable expenses and putting in bullshit claims for absolutely anything "within the rules" regardless of how tenuous the link is to their work as an MP (if indeed there is a link at all).

UPDATE: Napoleon Morley has been suspended. Yeah, I know he doesn't really fit the Napoleon character, but he kind of looks like a pig and has certainly been more equal than others.

UPDATE 2: Guido says the shit has hit the fan at MacKay's local Conservative Association, and the fan isn't too happy about it.
To say they are livid is an understatement. They think he is in denial about his wrong doing and do not accept it was a mere error of judgement - they think it was a blatant troughing.
I'll bet. Guido's put MacKay's voting record on transparency up as well, which makes him look less than keen on the idea. Funny that.

UPDATE 3: "Get ready for a wave of de-selections..."
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