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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Go go Gorbals Mick.

Just fucking go, you feckless fat cunt.

Again, the revolting persistence in ducking responsibility and instead blaming the system and the rules or, as Gorbals Mick is doing in the second video here, blaming the source of the leak for exposing the venal shites. And did you notice the murmurs of 'hear, hear' as the twat carried on blaming the leaker instead of the cunts around him for creating something worth leaking in the first place? Still incapable of seeing anything wrong in what they did. For fuck's sake, it's like kids stealing pick & mix from Woolworths blaming the shop for leaving the sweets out where anyone can take them - kids would know that it's fucking wrong and wouldn't, so why don't MPs seem to understand that they themselves are the ones most to blame for the shit they're in? And why is Gorbals Mick incapable of spelling that out to them? Maintaining the dignity of the house? My puckered ringpeice!

And that's aside from the much reported breach in the convention that the Speaker doesn't have slanging matches with MPs. But who's surprised? Without doubt the worst Speaker they've ever had, and since he's also one of the troughing cunts if there's any fucking justice he'll be the first head to roll.

UPDATE: More on Mick at The Telegraph.

UPDATE 2: Kate Hoey replies to Gorbals Mick (my bold)
I was halfway though a sentence about how wrong I felt it was that the authorities had called in the overstretched Metropolitan Police to hide the misdemeanours of some MPs, who have stretched their expenses way beyond anything that could be interpreted as within the spirit of the rules, when for some reason Mr Speaker stopped me in mid-sentence and gave me a severe ticking-off for having said exactly that when I was interviewed on radio and television over the weekend.
Football fans may have recognised Mr Speaker's reaction to the point I was trying to make: a hectoring response reminiscent of the manager who, out of loyalty to his team, indignantly attacks a referee's decision.
But Speaker Martin isn't meant to be the manager – he's meant to be the referee. His role is to defend the Commons, not blindly defend the actions of MPs on either side of any argument
, least of all one where the public's view has been made so very clear.
I can't help but reflect on how differently this would all have been handled by Speaker Martin's predecessor, Betty Boothroyd. She always managed to be firmly in control and in the driving seat. On this issue, the public perception is that if this driver is in control, we are being driven the wrong way up a one-way street.
I received one letter from a constituent who had applied to the social fund for the money to buy a bed and mattress for her one and only home. She had just been told she could have the bed, but not the mattress. It doesn't take much imagination to understand how someone like that – and many, many others like her – feels when they hear about MPs being given thousands for barbecues, chandeliers and other luxuries.
If I want a cleaner, I should have to pay for it like any member of the public. If I fear for my safety, I should go to the police, not get thousands from the taxpayer to have a personal security guard.
The public has every right to feel angry, and the Speaker seemed to be oblivious to that.
As I said before it looks like Kate Hoey understands the difference between getting every penny you can milk out and getting back just what you've had to spend. The latter is reimbursement, the former is fucking fraud.
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