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Monday, 13 December 2010

When did The Mash stop doing piss-takes and start doing policies?

I ask only because this makes more sense than some things that are being suggested.
As angry students demanded the right to help themselves to other people's money, MPs backed an amendment to the government's higher education funding proposals to just scrap the fucking thing.


Professor Henry Brubaker, director of the Institute for Studies and a long time campaigner for the abolition of universities, said: "Hospitals can train doctors, law firms can train lawyers, journalists can be trained by children and sociologists can train themselves by watching television for six hours a day.

"The vast majority of 'careers' are complete bullshit anyway. Sending people to university just means you get pointless, bullshit jobs being done by someone who has spent three years and thirty grand turning themselves into an arse."
Or increasingly someone who has spent even more time and money getting a Master's or something, because these days nearly everyone their age has a vanilla degree in something and they're starting to feel a need to separate themselves from the crowd. You know, a bit like a degree used to do.
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