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Thursday, 16 December 2010

The latest EU harmonisation in Britain?

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Quite a way behind the spectacular embarrassment (if only they were fucking embarrassed by it) of the EU not having it's books signed off since... actually, have they ever been signed? Anyway, the big concern for the British public is that so little changed as a result of the expenses scandal, because it is once again MPs' expenses and their attitude to them that's causing difficulties.
In a highly embarrassing move Amyas Morse, head of the National Audit Office (NAO), found that the Commons authorities had failed to obtain receipts to justify £2.6 million in claims.
Another £11.3 million of expenditure had been incurred on items which the House could not prove was necessary for parliamentary purposes.
14 million fucking quid? Jesus wept. Meet the new boss, same as the... oh bollocks to it, we all know the fucking song by now. £14 million between 646 of them just beggars belief. If you had a firm with 646 employees and within one financial year they submitted £14 mill worth of expenses claims that they either could not substantiate or justify or both your options would be as follows:
  1. Refuse to pay up until they found invoices and good reasons for the claims.
  2. Eventually go bust because they'll carry on taking the piss.
  3. Er... no, that's it.
And sure enough when put under a bit of pressure:
The gaps in the accounts were so serious that the NAO launched a full audit of Commons' allowances, after which MPs still failed to provide £800,000 of receipts.
Okay, so when put to it suddenly receipts and invoices started turning up after all, but why weren't they submitted in the first place? Surely after all the bad press they couldn't still have believed they didn't need to, so was it just laziness? Did they just decide they couldn't be arsed, or what? And of course only about two thirds of the receipts showed up, which does raise a few questions over the remainder. On top of that none of that sounds like it accounts for a penny of the £11.3 mill that could not satisfactorily be shown to be necessary for parliamentary purposes. Fuck me, no wonder the auditor didn't want to put his name on it.

And here's the kicker, the evidence that even after the expenses scandal blew up and made headlines worldwide, exposing the egregious, nest-feathering, over-compensated, nest feathering pricks that so many of them are, even after it forced some shamed faces and some pretence at being shame-faced for the TV cameras, even after (or maybe because) a large number agreed to stand down at the election the fucking troughing still continued!
MPs submitted the claims during the 2009 / 2010 financial year, mostly after The Daily Telegraph’s exposure of widespread abuses of the expenses system.
Insiders suggested that many MPs from the “rotten Parliament” who stood down at the general election in May went on a “last hurrah” with their expenses, submitting unjustified claims which were not picked up on by the Commons fees office.
You cunts! When will you learn? When will the message sink in?

 It's not your fucking money!

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