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Thursday, 23 December 2010

In the interests of balance.

There's this:
Coloured drawings of the late Princess of Wales, in a see-through dress and wearing angel's wings, are being sold in America as good luck charms.
The first shows Diana with arms open wide, standing on the cupped hands of Christ. A Union Flag emblem and a halo hover above her head.
The second has her floating to earth like a Christmas tree fairy in a dress billowing round her thighs and with a pack of photographers pointing their cameras at her.
Magazine readers across the States are promised 'luck and good fortune' if they spend $30 a time on the ink portraits.
'Miracle of miracles ... the world's most loved adorable angel is free at last,' reads the blurb.
'Princess Diana has returned to Earth to continue spreading her message of love, light and hope.
'Be amazed at the precious Princess ... these celestial images will bless and protect your home and envelope your family in a positive aura of luck and good fortune.'
But it seems to be unofficial and only available in the US so let's ignore it in favour of this Diana plate, which is available from a UK London themed gift website and is possibly unique in the genre as having captured the likeness of the late Princess while she was suffering from trapped wind.

Fuck it. Let's just cancel Christmas to be on the safe side.

Phil always said he'd have her head on a plate, and now ...

What? Too soon?

/ returns to shotgun and reindeer traps
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