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Monday, 20 December 2010

Some housekeeping.

Some while back I added some pages for a comments policy, contact form, the blogroll, inactive blogs, and MSM buttons and other sites along with some buttons at the top of the page to get you there and back. The pages for links to other sites were all supposed to be in A-Z format, partly because the blogroll itself is ordered by the time of the most recent post those bloggers have made and as a result is a bit random, but at the time I only got around to doing it for the hibernating/inactive blogs. And then like a twat I completely forgot about doing the other two pages. D'oh!

Well, I have finally got around to it, and I think you can understand and forgive the delay when I tell you that it took literally minutes of work. Comments are enabled on both the blogroll page and the siteseeing page if anyone wants to throw suggestions in for additions or whore their own blogs, and even if I don't add it I'll leave the comment there for other people to find. However, please remember that more than one link will put the comment into the moderation queue and if it's about cooking with insect wings, learning Japanese sign language, tiling for beginners or anything else that is unrelated to anything I rant about I'll delete the comment. Unless it's funny. Funny stuff is fine, even if it involves insect wings and Japanese sign language.

But anything about tiling will always get shitcanned. I really fucking hate tiling.
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