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Friday, 10 December 2010

Assange did break Australian law... unless he didn't.

Oh, for fuck's sake. In the same paper, Sydney's Daily Telegraph, and at the same bloody time we have this:
THE federal government has elaborated on its position on WikiLeaks, saying both the initial leaking of classified documents and their subsequent distribution by the controversial website is likely to be illegal.

"The unauthorised obtaining of the information may well be an offence," Attorney-General Robert McClelland said yesterday.
And also this:
FEDERAL authorities have failed to find any criminal laws that Julian Assange may have broken by publishing what has become a daily diplomatic scandal sheet for the Gillard Government.

The Australian Federal Police and the Attorney-General's Department admitted they had so far been unable to determine if there was any law under which he could be charged.
So that's cleared that up.

Justice - not just blind but occasionally completely shitfaced.
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