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Friday, 10 December 2010

Thawing out.

Not literally, obviously. I'm sure she's freezing her tits off like the rest of Britain, but she is still blogging after all. Okay, truth be told it's not clear she really went away but all the same MummyLongLegs is out of the cryogenic storage vault and back on the blogroll. Shame really. It was a prime spot next to Walt Disney's head.

And since it's up and running again it's high time I added the admirable Anna Racoon, not least for articles such as this one about the somewhat shadowy Court of Protection* (I've signed the linked petition and if you haven't already done so I'd suggest you go have a read, spend five minutes calming down again, and then consider adding your name too).

* I wouldn't say it's necessarily a misnomer. Depends on who they're protecting, doesn't it?
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