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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Quote of the Day.

Ursine subarboreal toilet activity
The Tele's James Delingpole on why warble gloaming is still happening, really it is, and how another winter submerged in snow is evidence of it. Tongue firmly in cheek, of course.
...Signs That Show Man Made Global Warming Is Definitely Still Happening And That Cancun Won’t Be An Almighty Flop.
1. Warm weather
2. Cold weather
3. In-between weather.
4. Dark skies at night
5. Light skies in the morning
6. An unpleasant moist/damp/wet sensation when it rains
7. Ice appearing when the temperature drops below zero
8. Clouds rolling across sky in all sorts of funny shapes, some days like cotton wool, other days in streaks, and on some days not there at all.
9. Ursine subarboreal toilet activity
10. Strong new evidence of ultramontane sympathies at the Vatican
I suggest you go and read the rest of it.
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