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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Free advice to Philip Green.

There is an easy solution to this:

Announce that with a certain amount of regret your company is going to lay off all members of staff and cease trading in the Unhinged Kingdom.

I'm serious. The cunts clearly don't want you there... well, they do but they not if you're going to make a profit and not pour as much of it as the cunts want into the state in extra taxes. That's wrong somehow, even though it could be argued that many of the people on these protests make a very good profit from being on the receiving end of the tax and wealth redistribution chain. Unlike Philip Green, however, it's not immediately obvious what they're doing for other people to deserve the money. So, Philip, give up and move on would be my advice.

And to the protestors: "We'll educate your market" my aching arse. The only education you're providing is a lesson on why it'll soon not be worth staying in the UK and trying to make a quid there - you couldn't fucking pay me to do it. Bit of a shame about the employees of the companies who give up and leave, but at least these free market bastards who dare to minimise their tax exposure won't be fouling up the place anymore. There's a thought to keep you warm. It's just a shame you can't wear it or eat it.

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