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Saturday, 12 June 2010

World Cup Fever

I must be immune to world cup fever having previously been inoculated against it with a dose of pure indifference. That and the fact that I'd watch almost any other sport, even bog snorkeling, cage fighting, golf, Formula One (which has got fucking boring) and snooker, before I'd watch an hour and a half of 22 overpaid drama queens falling over whenever anyone comes anywhere near them. Most bizarre, and almost deserving of a Thing I Still Don't Get About Australia post, is that the Aussies have much more interesting sports to watch but seem to be getting moderately excited about the Socceroos (yes, that really is what they call the team) going to South Africa, and this means it's going to be necessary to find out when the Australia games are on so I can avoid the parts of town with thousands of people watching live outdoor screenings.

No need to wake me up when it's over. I'm sure I can find plenty of interesting things to do over the next couple of weeks or so.


selsey.steve said...

Today's Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal was anything but boring. It was a real cliff-hanger!

Angry Exile said...

Was it? Oh bollocks. After the first couple, particularly the Borerhain snoozefest, I gave up on F1 this year. Maybe I should start watching again.

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