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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

And the dumbest idea award goes to...

Peppermouth, a device to make you watch your language when you type at your computer.
The playful idea is to deter users from employing bad language by releasing a "disturbing pepper smell" through the device when it detects that they are writing something rude.
The design includes a red light that warns the user to stop using offensive words, and an atomiser that emits the odour if they continue to do so.
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the deliberate mistyping of naughty words commonly used precisely to avoid word filters blanking out that sort of sh!t. So this pepper sprayer would need to be aware of that and stink up the room when people are doing that as well. But the problem is context, isn't it? For example, the invention of this complete

might make discussion of the contemporary British retail clothing industry and medieval Danish kings a little bit on the tricky side. And Obnoxio the Clown's blog will probably explode.

If you don't want to hear or read people swearing you don't have to. Just fcuk off.


Anonymous said...

Try reading the forums on the British Army Rumour site, They've got keyword-based anti-swearing censorship systems in place. They don't work; the regulars there have all found ways round the (admittedly extremely simpleminded) filters.

Chuckles said...

Scunthorpe and others disappear off the map

Angry Exile said...

Anon, thanks, I will sometime.

Chuckles, I've been to Scunthorpe (but I've never been to me) and it doesn't deserve that. Wonder if they'd get away with Svulvathorpe or if everyone would think it's somewhere in Norway.

Anonymous said...

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