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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Myself, I'd have plastic surgery done.

Funny, up to a point.
US POLICE raided a bar in Ocean City, Maryland, over the weekend after customers there confused a female drinker for Canadian teen heartthrob Justin Bieber.

Regulars at the Mug and Mallet bar confirmed police entered the venue Saturday night, following reports that Bieber, 16, was drinking underage inside reported TMZ today.

Instead, they found a 27-year-old female Bieber lookalike, with the same petite frame and tousled short brown hairstyle as that of the pint-sized pop sensation.

The woman, known only as Katie, told TMZ she was mistaken for Bieber all the time - and was forced to produce her ID card to police to prove she was not him.
Actually I thought it was hilarious, except for the poor girl. And then I remembered trips to the US and being asked for ID in every pub and bar at a similar age to her, and I'm damn sure I didn't look 16 at the time (my face acquired it's lived in look fairly early). Unless they've suddenly stopped doing this or it's just not a Maryland thing surely the bar stuff asked Biebalike Katie for proof of age, especially since she clearly looks like a sixteen year old boy. Which in turn kind of suggests the cops, who had "had reports", turned up because some concerned citizen busybody called them in.


If they were really that concerned why not simply ask the staff if they'd checked? Because they've got the same attitude as the sort of person who complains that someone's selling takeaways and porn to get them shut down, I reckon. Even if it's not harming them or anyone else the thought process is that it's bad, it's wrong, it shouldn't be allowed, there ought to be a law against that sort of thing.

Why can't these self righteous pests fuck off and leave other people alone?


girl x said...

wrt to the drinking law, it's 21 and anyone who looks younger than 25 is supposed to be carded. Hell, I'm 34 and live in Europe and I still get carded!

Angry Exile said...

Exactly. I didn't get carded the last time I went to the States, but I certainly did on a visit where I would have been in my late 20s and looked every day of it. Of course they just asked for proof of age, not that the second drink I'd ordered wasn't for the poor 20 year old in our lot who was the only one who otherwise couldn't have a sherbet, poor sod. Maybe if he'd looked like a 16 year old Canadian...

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