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Thursday, 24 June 2010

The first thing Australia's new PM got wrong. And right.

A couple of the articles about the recent change of Prime Minister have mentioned that a few weeks ago then Deputy PM Julia Gillard was asked about the potential for a change of leadership of the Australian Labor Party, and I think I recall watching it on TV actually. You couldn't really call it one of those hard hitting questions journos ambush politicians with since the program wasn't anything even vaguely Newsnight like and rather than being a Paxo the interviewers were a collection of sports presenters and sports-turned-presenters. Yes, the new PM is a footy fan and keen supporter of the Western Bulldogs (based appropriately in Footscray next door to her own parliamentary seat), and when asked about the leadership she said:
“[I have] more chance of lining up in the Western Bulldogs forward line than there being a change in the Labor Party leadership this year.”
Well, you called that wrong, Jules, didn't you? Not that there's any danger you'll be asked to play this weekend even if your footy kicking skills are as good as your Rudd kicking.
“As much as we would love to have Ms Gillard floating around as a dangerous small forward, I think it is safe to say that she will have enough on her agenda in the coming weeks and months."
Not sure they wouldn't need to make special arrangements regarding the post game shower.
On the other hand almost the first thing she's done since becoming PM is to stop pissing away millions of dollars on TV ads trying to get everyone on board the mining Super Tax idea. I'm still not expecting to become her biggest fan by a very long way but if you ask me that's no bad start at all.


Anonymous said...

From all the news website comments it seems like the Aussies are just as ignorant as the Brits of how their democracy works. That may be a good thing if it turns out to work against Labor.

Angry Exile said...

Yet, as in Britain recently, the alternative isn't exactly that wonderful either.

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