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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Message from the Australian Labor Party.

And that, ladies and gentlemen of parties with unpopular leaders, is how you do it. I'd like to think there are a few Labour MPs and ex-MPs wondering why they weren't able to do that to Gordon Brown. The answer, as the man in the mask said, can be found in a mirror.

Whether Julia Gillard will be any good remains to be seen. As I said last night I expect she'll be better than Rudd but I'm sure I'll be slagging her off soon (wouldn't surprise me if she ressurects the Emissions Trading Scheme, the shelving of which I feel is one of the few things Rudd's done that's been of real benefit). It's a pity she took over just now when I had an almost ready post about Rudd pissing away $38 million on adverts to persuade everyone that squeezing the mining companies with the Super Tax was a good thing. Now I'll have to wait and see what Julia Gillard does.
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