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Friday, 25 June 2010

The end of

Well, no, but the end of the most useless three quarters of government webshites and the saving of about £100 million.
Mr Maude, the Cabinet Office minister, said he would be scrapping three quarters of the Government's 820 websites.
Whitehall sources were reluctant to name which sites will close although one suggested that – a website run by the marketing department of the Potato Council – would be unlikely to survive the cull.
Bye-bye, you parasitic cockstains. If these fucking sites were worth having in the first place you can bet Harry Ramsden's or someone would have been happy to - I'm so sorry about this - chip in for them. But £100 million really isn't very much compared to the size of the financial hole the UK finds itself sitting in, and Boy George's budget hasn't made any significant cuts by the sounds of things (I haven't got round to reading much about it so I'm going on what little I've skimmed through), so why stop with the webshites? Why not scrap the Potato Council as well? Like the webshite if they're useful the potato growing industry should be happy to pay, and if they're not then they shouldn't exist at all.

The current Potato Council

The relatively small amount you save on the webshites is certainly worth doing but the UK's quango bill is supposed to 50 times that, and £50 billion a year you don't have to spunk away on quangos would help hugely with the deficit. It'd almost be worth leaving the webshites up, possibly with a new .kak top level domain, to remind everyone not to waste money on the quangos responsible for many of them.


microdave said...

Time to PEEL away all the unnecessary layers, SLICE these parasites up. We should never have allowed these VEGETABLES to take ROOT, and become a BLIGHT on the country.

Hat, coat, etc....

Angry Exile said...


Angry Teen said...

The British Potato Council is a governmental organisation which wants people to eat as many chips as possible.

Change 4 Life is a government campaign which wants children to eat as few chips as possible.


microdave said...

And one organisation effectively supports the other, keeping an army of Labour voters in employment.

Of course if both quangos were scrapped, the public would doubtless manage perfectly well, and the tax payers would not be too bothered, either....

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