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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Blogroll adjustments.

The thing I enjoy most about blogging is not the freedom to rant about whatever I've read recently that's wound me up but reading the ranting of others. There are some fantastic reads out there and when I'm away from the keyboard I often feel the need to catch up on the reading before blogging myself. Consequently, what I don't like about not finding the time to blog is that I generally fall behind on reading my favourite blogs too, and then when I get caught up I sometimes find the blogosphere a little roomier than it had been before. A while back it was Shibby, then more recently Polaris, and now Constantly Furious and the Renegade Parent have played the Last Post, at least for the time being. And I was too busy even to notice at the time.


Renegade Parent seems to be thinking about writing elsewhere and if/when I'll go and have a read, but Constantly seems to be Furious no longer, or not enough to want to spend every spare moment blogging. I can certainly understand that - there have been days when Mrs Exile wondered if I'll ever stop blogging and go and look at some porn like a normal bloke. Hopefully CF is just Intermittently Furious and will take up keyboard and mouse again. If not, and if either or both CF and RP read this, I may be very late in saying so but I've enjoyed both your blogs and hope that you both carry on, but if not good luck from a Slightly Saddened Exile.

As when this has happened before I'm going to change the blogroll but keep an eye out via RSS to see if I need to change it back or add a new blog. Meantime I'm going back to working my way up the blogroll and keeping my fingers crossed that there aren't more heading for the electronic exits.


Dick Puddlecote said...

"there have been days when Mrs Exile wondered if I'll ever stop blogging and go and look at some porn like a normal bloke"

What? Without porn, I'd be posting double what I do now! ;-)

Angry Exile said...

Captain Ranty, I've had that with Blogger a few times. Usually I get an error code and a link to go to where the code will be explained, only to find that the code is a complete mystery. "Do no evil" clearly doesn't equate to "don't be a pain in the arse".

DP, now we all know the Cap'n is a cute blonde with nice tits and a big gun we don't need porn :-)

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