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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Dirt Hour vs Human Achievement Hour

I've blogged the annual waste of time and cat scorching ritual known variously as Earth Hour or, at least in Chez Exile, Dirt Hour a couple of times before (see here and here), and having thoroughly slagged it off I twice I was wondering if I could summon up the energy to do it again. I've already admitted that I'm too stingy to do anything like turn all the lights on and drive around the neighbourhood for an hour, and that since it's the Melbourne Grand Prix weekend and round one of the Aussie Rules season I intend to ignore it completely and sit in front of the TV for most of the afternoon and evening (possibly a bit less now that they're trying so hard to make Formula One shit). I've explained why a serious warble gloaming believer ought to look at it as a pathetic and laughingly inadequate cop out, and why for sceptics it's meaningless except as a big marketing exercise for Big Eco, which of course includes WWF and Fairfax Media, owners of The Age, Brisbane Times and Sydney Morning Herald, who between them dreamt the whole Dirt Hour thing up in the first place. Oh, and a quasi-religious ritual to make people feel too good about themselves for showing the planet a little love to stop and question whether it's able to do anything meaningful. I've pointed out that if the idea was to educate people to the kind of sacrifices that are needed to reverse man made warble gloaming, if it's happening at all, we'd be up to Earth Month held in mid-winter by now - odd that nobody seems keen on a harsh dose of reality there.

Fortunately I don't have to rehash it all again or find new and even swearier ways of expressing my contempt for this pointless eco circle jerk. Via a comment here at Real World Libertarian comes this video.

I've got nothing much to add to that except it'd be nice to see it all over the web promoting Human Achievement Hour before next weekend.
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