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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Bullying victim snaps - the animated version

Yep, Casey the Chifley College bullying victim has had the Taiwanese computer animation treatment from NMA TV.

Is there nothing they can't make completely bizarre yet strangely compelling?

On a side note are saying that western Sydney is divided over the issue.
"Good on him. I was so happy to see a bully finally getting what he deserved," one St Marys resident said.
"I don't condone violence but when kids stage an attack like that and record it to humiliate the victim it's wrong."
But another resident Jayne Saunders said: "He could have broken that little kid's neck."
An explanation might be needed for Jayne and others thinking the same way: when you continually harass and provoke and torment a placid pet to the point it goes nuts and attempts to bite someone's face off you've sown the seeds of your own misfortune. The kid who was picking on Casey - who is apparently not at all sorry for doing so - might have had his neck broken, and had that happened it would have been as a direct result of the violent incident he himself initiated. The question Jayne Saunders and co. are probably not asking themselves is what would Casey have done to Ritchard Gale if the he and the other bullies had simply left him alone. Almost certainly the answer is:

Absolutely nothing.
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