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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tick tock

They're not even waiting for Gaddafi to either get captured or do a runner.
UNABLE to contain the revolt that has overrun most of Libya and shredded support for him abroad, besieged dictator Muammar Gaddafi remained sequestered in his Tripoli compound yesterday as rebel military leaders planned moves to oust him.

With almost no chance of Colonel Gaddafi suppressing the uprising that began on February 17, civilian leaders in Libya's second city of Benghazi are building an administration that will run the country before national elections can be held.
Can't be long now. Wonder if he's picked out a nice wall to stand against yet.

PS - Equatorial Guinea could probably take a lesson from the Libyans here.
THE son of Equatorial Guinea's dictator commissioned plans to build a super yacht costing $US380 million, nearly three times what the country spends on health and education each year, says a corruption watchdog.
Global Witness has been urging Washington to institute sanctions against Teodorin Obiang, whose extravagant lifestyle includes a $US35 million mansion in Malibu, California, a $US33 million jet and a fleet of luxury cars, while earning a salary of just $US6799 a month as agriculture minister.

The government press office in Equatorial Guinea confirmed that the president's son had ordered the yacht design, but said he ''then dismissed the idea of buying it''. It said that if the order had gone ahead, he would have bought it with income from private business activities and not ''with funds derived from sources of illegal financing or corruption''.

President Teodoro Obiang, who reportedly is grooming his son to succeed him as president, took power in a bloody 1979 coup.
Some days I feel that far too much of the world is being run by epic bastards. But sometimes I'm cynical and think all of it is being run by epic bastards.
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