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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A new interpretation on the 2012 Olympics logo

Oh, that bloody logo again. Apparently it now spells out a racist word.
IRAN threatened to pull out of the London 2012 Olympic Games, saying the event's already controversial logo is racist and spells the word "Zion," the ILNA news agency reported today.
Wait, what? How is the word "Zion" racist? If it said "Zionism is brilliant and everything else is really crap" then I could maybe see racist overtones, though we need to remember that free speech thing. If the clever sod who got paid - and this is reason enough for someone to fucking apologise - four hundred grand for that wants to make it a statement supporting Zion he can, and he can be far more open about it if he wants. And everyone else can tell him what they think of it. Mind you, they've been doing that anyhow.

So do they ban everything that mentions "Zion"? No Bob Marley singing Iron Lion Zion? No Lauren Hill or David Bowie? Has Iranian culture benefited by avoiding the Matrix sequels?* Well, yeah actually, but not necessarily because of the Zion references. Just being western is enough by the sounds of things.

And anyway, how the hell do you get "Zion" from that logo in the first place? Headaches and epileptic fits I can just about believe, and nausea and incoherent rage more or less go without saying. But "Zion"? Seriously? It must be some fucking effort if they're only just kicking off about it three and half years after the eyesore was launched to at the public.

Jesus, you're really really got to want to see it, haven't you? And of course none of that effort with rearranging and rotating the bits is needed for the older blowjob interpretation.

So what are we supposed to believe? That the logo is representative of a shadowy Zion obsessed felationist conspiracy or a fellatio obsessed Zionist conspiracy? And what would be the point? To so offend Iranian sensibilities that they have no option but to boycott the games, and thus removing any opportunity for Iran to claim a victory over the west as their star athletes explode out of the blocks?** Because they didn't do a very good job of it if it's taken nearly four years for the intended recipient to spot it.

I fancy a laugh. Shall we tell the Iranians that Cockslot and Manlove (or Fucknuts and Anal if you prefer Obonoxio's nicknames) are subtle digs at the revolution and ayatollahs? Just to see what they do? I'm happy to supply some of the stones.

Silence! I keeeeel you!

* Which just goes to show how hard it is for any country's government to have absolutely no redeeming features at all, though I bet Kim Terminally-Ill has both movies on Blu-Ray.
** I'll get me coat.
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