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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Pre Crime: it sucks

Straight from the Department of Making Everyone Feel Like Labour Won The Last Election comes Home Secretary, Teresa Maybe, and this:
Children as young as three can be identified as violent gang members of the future, according to a new Government report.
Theresa May, the Home Secretary, unveiled plans to cut off gang violence at the root by intervening in “problem families” from the moment children are born.
A new Home Office report said the beginnings of teenage violence lie in the “very earliest childhood experience”.
It found warning signs are “already clear” by the time a child enters primary school, including neglect, aggression, absence from class and slow development.
Children identified as "at risk" by the age of three are more than twice as likely to have criminal convictions by the age of 21, the report said.
“Early intervention is absolutely key,” Mrs May said. “That may need to come at a very early age indeed, with toddlers, ensuring they just don’t go down that road.”
So let's see... belief that one's life is mapped out almost from birth, check; unshakeable confidence in the ability of the state to predict that accurately, check; implied confidence, equally unshakeable, in ability to correctly identify 'problem families', check; repeated statement of a need for the state to 'intervene', check. Frankly all that's missing from the story to give it those last hallmarks of a NuLab policy is the mention of a new database, but since the bastards spent all the money and wrecked the economy the Cobbleition probably can't afford a new one and probably have to make to with one of the existing ones.

Still, apart from that it sounds awfully like the kind of thing Labour used to love saying, which leads me to wonder... Did anyone check behind Teresa Maybe to see if Jacqui Smith's hand was up her arse making her mouth work?
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