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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Diversions - UPDATED

Oooh, another one of those how to vote thingies. I'm not sure why it's in The Telegraph since it's for the next year's Republican party primaries in the US and being a British publication most of their readership hasn't got a vote there. As usual with these things depending on your own position on an issue some questions can be a little on the shallow side, and when you don't know the details about a particular program or initiative, e.g. Race To The Top, there's little option but to click the open minded option, but for all that I'd say it's better than the one I did a year and a half ago before the UK general election. Still, just for the sake of it I had a play and ticked the boxes to see who I should hope gets the nomination and, since I know little about many of the candidates, perhaps become a bit better informed. I said I'd be prepared to vote for any of the candidates, though of course the reality is I'm able to vote for exactly none of them, and to my not very great at all surprise these are the results I got.

I might agree even more with Ron Paul than this suggests since of the five questions on which I apparently disagree with him I said I was open minded on two simply through unfamiliarity with the program (Race To The Top) and the use of Executive Orders (repealing ObamaCare question), and a couple more depend a little on how it's interpreted.However, it has informed me a little and defied my expectations since I'd expected Bachmann to come a very distant last and for Herman Cain to be a solid second and much closer to Paul.

But I'm curious - I'm sure that clip of the debate that Trooper Thompson had up the other day had 8 candidates and there are others around. I know that some of them are felt to be no-hopers but I'm surprised that it doesn't include at least all those who took part in the debates.

UPDATE - Noticed that it can be embedded. Have fun.

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