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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Getting around Australia's plain tobacco packaging law #3

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Make your own cigarette packets. Google is your friend and can find all sorts of services for you, even including people who will make cigarette boxes in your own design. Don't know what the prices are like as I wasn't going to bugger around getting a quote, but if that seems like too much expense then there's the DIY option. Without too much googling I found a template and instructions to make a cigarette packet. Just in case that ever disappears I'll save a copy here for posterity, and in case either of my readers smoke (hi, Mum, and I thought you'd quit years ago) and want to give it a try.

Click for embiggerisation - or buy smaller cigarettes

I suggest a design that takes the piss out of hysterical health warnings, or possibly pre-empts the next generation of hysterical health warnings. Perhaps something like this.

Part 1       Part 2               Part 4       Part 5
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