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Saturday, 12 November 2011

I thought this only worked on TV

Well, if it works for internet fraudsters why shouldn't offering something for nothing work for police?
More than a dozen suspected criminals have been arrested as part of a British undercover sting operation after being duped into ringing the police to claim free beer.
Derbyshire Police said the suspects were detained after officers sent letters to a string of people who had evaded arrest for several months, urging them to claim a complimentary crate of beer from a marketing company.
A total of 19 suspects, wanted in connection with a range of offences including robbery, burglary and sexual assault, fell for the hoax and called the number on the letters, which put them through to officers based at Chesterfield Police Station.
Police then arranged a time and date for the free alcohol to be dropped off, but instead arrested those awaiting free beer at locations in Chesterfield, Staveley, Alfreton, Ilkeston, Sheffield and Nottingham.
I can't help thinking that at least one of them is still going "But what about me free beer, innit?" to his solicitor.
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