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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Not feeling too flash

Tech stuff isn't usually my thing but since I'm a moderate Flash hater - not because I'm an Adobe hater but because I know a few technophobes and I've been asked about a zillion times, "Oh, Angry, this thing keeps popping up on my computer, could you tell me if it's okay" and it turns out to be yet another fucking Flash Player update and invariably prompting another conversation about why the damn thing's needed at all - I'm not all that sad to hear about this:
IN a stunning move, software developer Adobe is reported to be throwing in the towel when it comes to getting multimedia platform Flash to run on mobile devices.

According to a report on ZDNet, the company is halting development on future mobile versions of Flash for Android and Research In Motion's PlayBook, among other mobile operating systems.

The move would be a major blow to Android device makers, who have long touted Flash compatibility as a key competitive advantage over Apple's iPhone and iPad.

It also would mark a posthumous vindication for former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who took a controversial stand by not supporting Flash on Apple's mobile products.
Admittedly I don't own a mobile device that even needs Flash so this specific news doesn't really affect me either way, but I do wonder if this might be the beginning of the end. If Adobe throw in the towel for Flash on regular operating systems as well that'd certainly affect me - not only would it be one less thing I get asked about but I could remove the Flash blocking apps from my computers.

Oh, I'd be just gutted.

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Errrm, how can I put this... no.

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