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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Don't whine at me, Argentina

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Who knew that rather than just being a member of an archaic institution and a somewhat dysfunctional family as well as a well known but strategically insignificant member of the armed forces, Prince William was in fact a one man invasion force capable of toppling a country of 40 million people, storming the place all by himself with more weapons on his back than a first person shooter videogame character, in the bare space of a month and a half? Not me, I had no idea at all.

Can't think why - I mean just look at the fucker
Oh, wait, no, he's just one guy, the war's been over for just slightly longer than he's been alive, and it's not a even a combat posting - there not being any actual combat - but a few weeks of SAR duty.
The Duke, a Flight Lieutenant with the RAF and second in line to the throne, will complete a tour of duty as a search and rescue helicopter pilot on the islands in February and March.
So why...
April will mark the 30th anniversary of the start of the Falklands War and the arrival of a member of the Royal Family at such a time risks inflaming the already tense relations between Britain and Argentina.
La Nacion newspaper in Buenos Aires reported that there was "ample evidence of discontent" at the Argentine Foreign Ministry over the announcement and said the Argentine government believes the move adds to London's "aggressive attitude".
Oh, please. The British Prime Minister hasn't got the balls to tell a diminutive snail muncher to get to fuck and has only ever shown any signs of being at all intimidating when it comes to his own MPs, and even then he delegates the job to the fucking whips. I've stepped in more aggressive puddles.

Look, Argentina, what we have here is a fella whose real job doesn't become available until his gran and his dad cark it and in the meantime is trying to feel useful. Fair play to him for that, because I'd say his dad's as much use as a glass cricket bat in the hands of an Australian batsman. So why spoil it for him?

Sheesh! Talk about mountains out of molehills.
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