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Thursday, 24 November 2011

In Soviet Russia the news make you - UPDATED


I don't care if Tatyana Limanov's fuck you finger was for technicians who were putting her off, if there's any more to that than knee-jerk denial of the 'Niet, we haff no tanks in Czechislowakia' variety. The timing was sensational and if it really was aimed at the Obamessiah then fair dos, all I want to know is if she's going to top it when she reads out something that mentions David Cameron and if so whether it'll involve mooning the camera.

UPDATE - YouTube's already pulled the video, by the sounds of things after a copyright dummyspit from the holders, REN TV. I've just changed it to one that's still up but I expect that'll get taken down before long too, so here's a screencap for posterity.

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