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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Getting around Australia's plain tobacco packaging law #2

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Cigarette cases - I bet they will be making a comeback here, and I'll bet you that as well as clever ones like that from above (they also do one for the car that automatically lights the cigarette as it's dispensed) there will be branded ones, either legit or made without the approval of the IP owners, appearing before long. Whether those tobacco companies whose trademarks are being infringed will have any motivation to do anything about it when they can't use them anyway is another matter. Currently they do take trademark infringers to courts in Oz but only because they're losing money from counterfeiting. If they were selling the fags that are being put inside a really cool looking cigarette tin I doubt they'll give a shit, which would be another unwanted side effect of the plain packaging law.

And if the wide variety available online doesn't flick a smoker's switch and you don't care about trying to find one with your brand on, authorised or not, why not go for something DIY such as the iPod Classic ciggie case?*

I thought I saw an iPhone version as well but it turned out to be a case for e-cigs and an actual iPhone, but I'm sure that sooner or later someone somewhere will make an iPhone-a-like cigarette case, much to the natural disgust of Apple and to the inevitable excitement of their legal department. But I'll leave you with one more example of a cigarette case that I saw among those at this online seller - one which will not only make the plain packets law here irrelevant but will drive the Righteous even further into outraged palpitations. I doubt I'll have to explain why... < evil grin >


Tell you what, I think some of my Christmas shopping is going to get done early.

*  If any smoker reading this has a dead iPod they fancy converting into a ciggie case I'll mention there's a knack to getting into these old iPods. A watch case opener does the job but the trick is to give the iPod a gentle squeeze as you apply it. You'd still need a case opener each time though, so if it was me I'd be thinking about how to change it so it's be easier to open. Maybe remove the catches and glue in a spring loaded hinge or something. I dunno, I'm speculating there. I'll leave that to DIY experimenters.

Part 1             Part 3       Part 4       Part 5
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